Trouble when updating service references in Visual Studio 2008

20. Januar 2010
Well, once again I start a new day at work and recognized that a web-service in our Silverlight-project has been changed. Okay, just simply click on "Update Service Reference" in the solution explorer should do it… Good joke – surely this piece of software doesn’t work as designated. It just updated half of the web-service… and it won’t change anything if I repeat the update process.
Let’s have a look, what I tried to solve this problem:
  1. Just deleting the servicereference and readding it doesn’t work
  2. Restarting VS neither
  3. Both of them are also no solution

And now what really helped me:

  • Inside of the project folder there is a file named <ProjectName>.suo – a small hidden system-file which contains all solution information from VS. This file could be of real big size (which would slow down your intellisense) and after deletion of it the web-service will be updateable (in my case I just re-added it to the Silverlight-project)

Hope I could help someone out there with this information… I couldn’t find anything on the net about this.