Lost in Translation

20. April 2011

Good morning everybody,

recently we had a visit of an US customer here in our office in Berlin. We’ve been happy to get him here as he is one of the very first shop-customers we have.

During a nice evening in a typical German restaurent where we ate „Hax’n“ (pork knockles) he told us a very funny – for me it was more scary – story about one of our first e-mails we exchanged:

One evening (in the USA it was early afternoon) this customer came up with an issue which he reported to me. Trying to give him a feeling of being welcome and getting good service I instantly replied saying „I will care tomorrow…“ to tell him that this will be the first thing I will do in the morning and believing that this is a polite phrase… But as every native speaker can say this is more like „Just leave me alone and ask someone else…“. Shame on me!!

So finally I really have to apologize for this bad translation and can only warn every non-native speaker out there in the world about this small difference… the correct translation should have been „I will take care of this tomorrow“…

Happy Shopping!

PS: Don, I owe you one beer for this whenever I come over to North Carolina!


DirectSmile Cross Media wins GWA Production Award

8. April 2011

Today I would like to announce something off-topic:

DirectSmile´s Cross Media solution has been granted the Silver GWA
Production Award at digimedia in Duesseldorf yesterday.

GWA, the German Association of Advertising Agencies, honors outstanding
creative and technical achievements in media production.

“We are especially proud to have received this
acknowledgement by the advertising industry,” says Christoph Clermont, CTO of
DirectSmile, “DirectSmile Cross Media is designed to make data-driven campaigns
as easy as never before and at the same time provides any freedom for