Hidden feature in Apple iOS 6 for web developers

Developing mobile pages sometimes is really difficult – especially if you want to use JavaScript. Normally you have some nice develop tools like FireBug or the Internet Explorer Develop Tools… but on a mobile device there simply does not exist any like that.

Adobe had the idea of an interconnection between Chrome and an App on your iPhone – something nice but first it was really buggy and second it is not for free anymore.

But with iOS 6 there is a hidden feature (or simply instead of the „activate javascript console“ menu entry) which allows you to connect to your desktop safari and simply debug there. Wow… a really nice tool – at first.

After downloading the latest version of Safari I followed the simple instructions to enable the iPhone-support and then there happend nothing… A short lookup simply explained my situation: The iOS6 feature for remote debugging simply works only for Safari 6.x – and for a windows based machine there only exists 5.x even if the version 6 is already released for more than half a year.

So for me it is simple to say: Great job Apple… Having iOS 6 installed on my mobile device and NOT having a Mac (I decided to buy an equivalent PC and a car instead) this simply results in being unable to develop mobile pages with javascrit for iOS-devices… This idea must have come from a genious…


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